Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy (NKSA), Northern Kentucky Legends Soccer Club, including HappyFeet soccer, create unique partnership designed to accelerate youth soccer player development and simplify the transition to select club soccer. These soccer organizations currently teach soccer skills and team tactics to players in the Northern Kentucky area from preschool to high school ages. Going forward, the organizations will build more opportunities to share resources and knowledge to improve soccer programs for all players and coaches.

NKSA and Northern Kentucky Legends will create an improved player development curriculum to teach building block ball skills designed to allow players to excel at all levels. NKSA President, David Meyer, said, "As we grow our organization, we want to continue building into and working with other soccer organizations in Northern Kentucky. By working together, the clubs can create a very efficient program that provides an accelerated path for player development." While accelerating higher level player development, the clubs will also provide opportunities for players that may not be ready for select soccer competition. Those players may continue playing and training with Legends in a structured way that gives players an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to join a select team in the future.

Northern Kentucky Legends SC and HappyFeet Soccer Owner, Eric Henderson, said, "We want to continue to focus on developing deceptive dribbling skills and goal scoring skills for younger soccer players, something we do very well. NKSA provides our older players with qualified coaching, a knowledgeable training staff, additional facilities and administration necessary to continue developing their soccer careers. Players always have a choice of where to play, but we will work closely with NKSA on player development concepts so our players can more easily move into NKSA's programs when players and parents decide they want to make the transition."

Northern Kentucky Legends SC and HappyFeet Soccer provide soccer clinics and leagues for children aged 2-14. HappyFeet Soccer focuses on player development from ages 2-6 in an age appropriate learning environment at many area daycare facilities, preschools and recreation centers. As players age out of HappyFeet Soccer, they continue their development in Northern Kentucky Legends SC (ages 6-14) where players receive additional opportunities through soccer training and Recreational Soccer to further prepare for select club soccer.

Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy includes approximately 1,000 players ages 6 to 19 competing at all levels of play. NKSA trainers and coaches include some of the most experienced youth soccer, high school soccer and college soccer coaches in the area. NKSA offers PRO Teams and Select Teams. The Select program includes training sessions run by a club trainer focused on proven player development guidelines created by the NKSA Director of Coaching and staff following US Soccer guidelines and qualified parent game coaching. The PRO program provides professional game coaches, increased training opportunities, additional travel events and fitness training to players dedicated to learning and playing at a high level.